Author: Krzysztof Deptuła

  • Convolutional Neural Networks – Hello World

    With all the hustle and bustle with GPT-3, Chat GPT and recent results in image recognition, I realized that it’s about time to learn something in this realm not to fall behind that much. Hence, this time I’m going to present the most basic Convolutional Neural Network I could imagine that still exhibits some interesting […]

  • Setup free Kubernetes cluster on Oracle Cloud

    What is it all about? If you always wanted to create your own Kubernetes cluster from scratch, learn all the nitty-gritty and experiment with highly available environment, these tutorial is for you. We’re going to setup a multi-node, highly-available cluster and deploy a simple application that will help you grasp all the details and connect […]

  • Git mining

    Software development leverages version control for multiple reasons. I assume that you are familiar with git blame used to trace a person who committed particular change, git checkout to several branches to find out which version does contain a bug and which doesn’t. The history of changes is however useful not only for survival when […]

  • Learn event store with file-based example

    Creating an event-based application backed by an event store persistence seems to be most reasonable and predictable way to have flexible software. These less than 200 lines present a simple, training implementation of a a file-based single-threaded event store through which I’d like to present this idea. Prequisites Create .NET console app Paste all the […]

  • Look for solution in problem space

    I like to say that developers are not code writers, but system designers. They’re not there to type code, but to provide a solution for a given problem. An important detail is that a solution for a problem is not exactly the same as a solution that meets the requirements document. Not too vague, not […]

  • Forget HTTP, use Websockets

    For most applications you’re going to build, HTTP communication is a no-brainer. However, as a system grows, a real-time communication between client and server becomes a requirement and the developers apply a websocket-based solution. But websockets not only provide push notification from server to client, they also create a handful of opportunities to follow good […]

  • Remove dependency refactoring

    Recently I have worked on removing a compile time dependency between two domains. What I have stumbled upon turned out to be a simple yet comprehensive example of a common problem that I believe many of us encounter every day. Below you can find what was the problem setting, why it important to get rid […]

  • It’s 2020, why do we type code?

    According to Wikipedia, the Fortran was launched in 1957 and is considered the first commercially available programming language. A github search shows 6,743 repositories as of October, 2020. If you want, you can easily find out that code written in Fortran, as it consists of widely-used keywords, is still intelligible. It does mean, that the […]

  • Reactive web crawling system [1] Introduction

    Disclaimer: This is the first post of a series which will introduce an evolving, public github project of a crawling system. The reactive web crawling system gives every person an opportunity to, after creating an account, hold a dashboard of web crawler queries and results. A user can scrap data from any website – check […]

  • How many arguments can a function have?

    If you have been working as a software developer, you are probably aware that following Uncle Bob’s advises regarding number of arguments a function should take is difficult and requires some experience. Clean Code states among others that: The ideal number of arguments for a function iszero (niladic). Next comes one (monadic), followedclosely by two […]